About Us

Since the age of 15, we’ve both been into fitness. In our teenage years we were heavily involved in competitive swimming and organized sports. Our parents were also fitness enthusiast, we even had a gym in the house. Our mother was a health nut. She loved [still does] healthy foods. Our home was always filled with fruits and vegetables. In other words healthy eating was always a part of our daily lives. At a young age they always instilled in us to eat clean, but we could eat desserts and candies in moderation. We grew up with the understanding that exercising and a balanced diet was important. Naturally, we gravitated to the gym and physical fitness.

About 15 years ago, we embarked on our modeling and fitness journey. We went to the gym and would train without any knowledge on the subject nor guidance (which was a mistake). Our modeling career required us to physically attain a certain body type. So, most of our routine and fitness training was geared towards having a non-defined body i.e. no muscle. Since having muscles was tabu and many girls (including ourselves) did not want to train with weights assuming that we would look too masculine. As far as our diet, it was strict no carb diet. As we became more knowledgeable about fitness, not only the physical, but the internal aspect as well, we then began to revamp our eating habits and routine. Focusing on whole body wellness and not just exterior.

Seven years ago, we met a coach who not only changed our lives forever but also the perspectives we had for fitness. Through him we learned that fitness was more than just going to a gym. It was a lifestyle that you had to “eat” and breath! Soon after, we started on our path to whole body fitness. We learned to listen to our bodies and understand the true meaning of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s not a fad, it is a way of life! Thanks Miguel Blanco for teaching us that with patience and dedication all things can be achieved. There are no shortcuts in this world and all your goals are worth the sacrifices.

With the knowledge we’ve attained over the years, we’ve committed ourselves to total well-being and built the Muscle Twins brand. We are certified personal trainers (ISSA) and offer complete fitness services. Our job is to help you achieve goals that may seem out of reach and unattainable. We are are here to guide you on your path to a better you!


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